Saturday, January 29, 2011

1955th Day

It's been 1955 days since we heard the bad news. September 22, 2005, yet I continue to defy all odds by still being able to walk and still being able to dictate via speech software. (Albeit, somewhat slurred at times) It's been 4 1/2 years since I've been able to water ski (this was me on the SDSU ski team in San Diego). But, I was able to snow ski as recently as last March 2010. Both were some of my favorite things to do. I considered skiing last month, but I'm afraid that the weakness in my legs may cause me to fall. Being injured at this point, I doubt my body would ever recover or be able to rebuild any muscle loss after a cast came off. It's just not worth it. I started skiing at age 3, so I got a good 40 years in and never missed a season. Plus, if I were to even tip over, I would need people to help me even stand back up with all that gear.
Roger water skiing Roger snowmass 02-2007-b
Sports are one thing… However, not being able to play the drums for the past five years has been one of the hardest challenges. I enjoyed it so much. Not only was it good cardio exercise when I would practice for hours at a time, it was an escape and a time to enjoy playing along with my favorite music. I have enjoyed watching my older son become very good at playing. It has allowed me to still play vicariously in my mind Through him. CBS-Home Taping Pro Pics-66 CBS-Home Taping Pro Pics-21
Luckily, I was never Someone who lacked hobbies or things to do. Being "bored" was a 5 letter word in Our house. Lately, I keep myself busy by working on the computer, which is a hobby of mine. I have all the tools necessary to help others through remote support and am looking for people to contact me who need help setting up parental controls, network monitoring for kids, antivirus/malware software installation, program training or fixing any general problems people may have on Windows or Macintosh.
My other favorite thing to do was Amateur astronomy & astrophotography with all of my Telescope gear…
DSC03848DSC00484_finished-best3-filtered frames-Saturn4-92x1-1-28-05 New SaturnBest SW limb of moon_9-28-04Copy of 11-10-07_Rog_Astros-Comet HolmesFirstSun-1-29-05cOrionNeb-Mosaic-1-15-05-childs-LX200-8-Rotated Peocessed-coloredMoon Mosaic 2-28-04M51 Whirlpool galaxy -Roger
ALSO, driving my Porsche up in the mountains which I’ve since had to sell and stop driving all together..
DSC08563Rog Porsche 4-20-2008 7-38-42