Friday, April 06, 2012

Can Stem Cells help ALS Patients?

Neuralstem Phase 1 Stem Cell Trial Shows Safety, Possible Efficacy
27.bTransplantation of stem cells into the spinal cords of 12 people with ALS has proven safe and well-tolerated, with no long-term complications

Article Highlights:

  • Results from a phase 1 study in ALS to evaluate the safety of stem cells transplanted into the lumbar (lower back) region of the spinal cord, as well as the transplantation technique itself, showed the treatment to be safe and well-tolerated.
  • One trial participant showed clinical improvement, even though the trial was not designed to demonstrate efficacy.
  • Maryland biotherapeutics company Neuralstem announced March 28, 2012, that the results, taken from the first 12 patients with ALS, have been reported online in the journal Stem Cells. Testing continues to progress through increased levels of risk.
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    ALS News Online article.
    Scott Wiebe
    National Director — Outreach Services & ALS Division