Monday, September 10, 2012

Falling and ALS; A How “not” to guide…

PALS (people w/ ALS)… FALLING? You’re not the only one. 
Well, it’s official, I’ve mastered the art of falling… after a few (4-5) previous tumbles and a few stitches…  This one took the “cake”.
I’m still recovering 4 days later, but westminster_lghave dizziness and concussion ambulanceaffects as well as headaches. I am always in my chair when out and about. but this happened in transition.  It won’t happen again.
I was unconscious for about a minute while 911 was called to the Target parking lot.  Julie held my head and people in the parking lot came to our aide.  So happy she didn’t faint at the site of my heavily bleeding head.  She tends to do that and was an incredible trooper through this.
2012-09-06_17-24-10_555She is the most amazing women on the planet. ouchI don’t remember anything until the Emergency Room and I was told that I kept repeating the same questions over and over (which the paramedics told Julie was totally normal).  “what happened?, what happened?”

2012-09-06_14-07-01_618So, I was put in a neck brace and 2 CAT-scans later they determined that there was no brain swelling or torn arteries in my neck.  I wear a simple foam neck brace now until my muscles feel better.  The 6 stitches come out in 7 days. 
2012-07-21 11.29.43All that excitement of an ambulance ride and paramedics attention and I don’t remember any of

Now I’m on the way to recovery!
2012-07-11 14.39.25
I still walk and fell backwards while standing there… I wasn’t in the chair! Just waiting while it was being unloaded … She ran to help me and left the chair which ended up falling off the other way. Two independent, yet related incidents. Chair is fine too.

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  1. Just discovered you on PLM. Wow! on this post and thanks for sharing. I was diagnosed on September 11th (2012). Never saw your CBS special sorry. Maybe YouTube? Appreciate your sharing. Helps much.